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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm anne makovec. >> there's supposed to be a bridge out there. i'm brian hackney. let me say i'm speaking for all four of us on this desk when i say thank god it's friday. >> welcome to your friday! we have traffic and weather -- how long have you and i worked together? >> back in 1984? >> wow! >> really? you're that old? [ laughter ] good morning. brianer you were talking about the bay -- brian, were you talking about the bay bridge and the deck of low clouds and fog, and i think it's the lowest i have seen it all week. i hit drizzle at the bay bridge on my commute from the east heading to west -- yeah, from the east to the west. [ laughter ] >> 52 right now in pacifica west and to the east, 61 in livermore. temperatures will be in the 90s. here's roqui. >> thank you, "ro." good morning, everyone. let's head to livermore again. there was a lot of problems
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there yesterday. southbound vasco road there was an accident earlier. that road is completely shut down. estimated time re-opening 7 a.m. and an alternate is byron highway and in daly city, southbound 280 at hickey boulevard there's a crash on the shoulder there. thank you. the former owner of a bay area wine shop could spend years behind bars. he pleaded guilty to embezzling millions from customers and he admitted to using their money for himself for luxury cars and online dates. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us just how he did it. reporter: the storefront is still standing but the business is bankrupt. john fox, the former owner of "premier cru" fine wines in berkeley, admitted he was running a wine ponzi scheme and ripped off customers for $40 million. here's how the scam worked. a customer would purchase expensive european wines from fox with the promise that it would arrive within six months
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to two years. but in many cases he admits he falsified purchase orders and never bought the wine. the u.s. attorney says fox acknowledged that between 2010 and 2015, he sold or attempted to sell approximately $20 million worth of phantom wine that he had never actually purchased. what's more, fox admits he embezzled funds from the "premier cru" account to make payments for personal expenses like memberships to private golf clubs. he also bought and leased exotic cars, corvettes, ferraris, a maserati and mercedes-benz, and spent more than $900,000 on women he met online. fox's plea means he will likely spend six or seven years behind bars around will have to pay back tens of millions in restitution. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> fox will be sentenced in december. this afternoon, a bay area mother is going to be handing out flyers hoping somebody knows who killed her teenaged son 10 years ago. there is no a $250,000 reward
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-- now a $250,000 reward for anybody who can help solve the crime. the mayor's office is offering the money h aubrey aa brkas -- abrakase was shot near wallenberg high school where he was about to be a senior. new information about a man murdered in a san francisco mall. he was a young chef at a popular city restaurant. he is 28-year-old frank galicia. his body was discovered wednesday morning in a stairwell inside the westfield center mall. employees say you can only get into the stairwell with an id or keycard. we are told that galicia was a promising young chef at sons and daughters six blocks from the mall. police are not giving details. today help on the way for san francisco business owners who took a big hit when a fire ripped through the mission district this summer. this five-alarm fire spread through at least six buildings
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back in june and displaced 57 people and several businesses were also damaged or destroyed. now their owners are about to get some help because the small business administration opens a loan outreach center at 8:30 this morning. it's located inside the mission economic development agency. business owners can access it until august 25. a wildfire burning in monterey county getting bigger this morning. authorities say it is headed into big sur and it could force the closure of highway 1. the soberanes fire is burning more than 69,000 acres. it's destroyed 57 homes already. and more than 400 other structures are in its path. hundreds of families have been evacuated. investigators say the fire was sparked about 3 weeks ago from an illegal campfire and as of last night, the fire is just 55% contained. a benefit concert is being planned tonight for victims of that fire. a songer songwriter and a former beach boy will be performing. all the proceeds will go to the
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soberanes fire relief fund. it starts at 7 p.m. >> that's a cute little theater. >> i have been there. >> me, too. >>not at the same time. >> were you able to see it, the perseids? >> no. it was too bright. >> i looked around, sleep or stars. i went to bed. [ laughter ] >> the show is still going on. we will have a wayward shooting star over the weekend as well so keep your eyes in the sky. right now we are taking our eyes directed out towards the bay bridge and you can barely see it there. right now temperatures 50s and 60s. it's another "spare the air" day, the 15th of the season.
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unhealthy levels of smoke and pollution in the atmosphere east and south of the bay. now what i'm talking about if you are in those areas. the air quality was horrible yesterday! today, temperatures going up with that haze in the atmosphere. 91 degrees in concord. we are talking about 80s peninsula, 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. north bay numbers 60s, 70s, 80s. the full forecast is coming up. here's roqui. >> happy friday, everybody. let's take a look at your mass transit. it is a "spare the air" day so keep that in mind. but we have some delays. pittsburg-bay point and dublin- pleasanton lines are delayed but the trains are good. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound about 19 minutes. and then to your accidents, livermore area, southbound on vasco road there was an accident earlier. that road is completely closed. estimated time of re-opening is 7 a.m. an alternate is byron highway.
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southbound 880 at hickey boulevard a crash on the shoulder. new video shows the aftermath of a fiery bus crash in the san maria valley. there's not much left of that bus after it burst into flames yesterday afternoon on highway 135. that bus was carrying workers from a farm in los alamos. authorities say all of them were able to jump off in time. six people are hurt but they are expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is under investigation. san jose streets are looking less green because somebody has been preying on trees down there. they have struck again. the suspect chose two dozen chinese fringe trees as a target. each one sawed off at the base yesterday morning on meridien avenue. more than 100 volunteers worked hard to plant them with the nonprofit, our city forest. and police think the same suspect was behind another attack on trees. about three weeks ago two dozen trees on the opposite side of
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meridien were also chopped down. anotherafter monday's letters from 50 gop not security experts another letter is urging the rnc to abandon support for donald trump. reed binion reports. >> if it's true, that's okay. all i will have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> reporter: donald trump responding to a "time" magazine report that rnc chair reince priebus threatened to reallocate resources to down ballot races. the committee denies it but a draft letter from former rnc staffers and former members of congress is asking for a redirection of resources. the letter with 75 signatures reads in part, quote, only the immediate shift of all available rnc resources to vulnerable senate and house races will prevent the gop from drowning with the trump emblazoned anchor around its neck. the frustration due in part to trump's comments. >> he is the founder of isis.
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he is the founder of isis! i would say the cofounder would be "crooked hillary clinton"! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: radio host gave him a chance to clarify instead he repeated his statement. >> last night you said the president is founder of isis. you meant he created the vacuum -- >> no, he founded it. >> reporter: trump saying he is not changing his approach. >> it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> reporter: i'm reed binion reporting. >> hillary clinton could release her 2015 tax returns as early as today. vice-presidential nominee tim kaine plans to release 10 years of his returns. that's after clinton spent time yesterday appealing to middle class voters. >> he has not offered any credible solutions to the very real economic challenges we face. my mission in the white house will be to make our economy work for everyone, not just
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those at the top. >> clinton also attacked trump for his failure to release his tax returns. when it comes to handling the economy in the latest cnn poll, clinton has a narrow advantage over trump 50% to 48%. bad news for macy's. the retailer is closing about 100 stores across the country and that could include a big one in san francisco. the san francisco business times reports the company is in negotiations to sell its men's store in union square. analysts say sales are down, at a lot of the legacy stores, because of the new generation of shoppers. one psychologist tells kpix 5, seriously, that she says at least their brains have been retrained by online shopping. >> want more product turnover, more predictability in pricing, smaller venues because everything has to be easier to find what you're looking for. >> she points out people are spending less money on clothes
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in general and more money on vacations and entertainment. time is 4:40. green day back with this brand- new song. we have the story behind the music putting the spotlight on mass shootings. we'll be right back. ,,
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and the legendary bay area is making a musical stateme. about gun violence in ameri. 's andria borba green day has a new song out on itunes the first in years. they are making a statement about gun violence in america. kpix 5's andria borba on more -- with more on what inspired them. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: with a bang-bang -- >> -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the first single of their 12th album green bay took on the topic of mass shootings in america. the song made its world premiere this morning on live 105 and is written from the perspective of the shooter. [ bang, bang, bang ♪
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♪[ music ] [ unintelligible rock lyrics ] >> reporter: the music director at live 105 and assistant program director says the album revolution radio and the song bang-bang is a return to classic punk form for billie joe armstrong and bandmates and that the charged topic is not surprising. >> looking at the history of green day, you know, one of the most defining and iconic albums was american idiots in 2004 and that was a political album about various social issues. ♪[ music ] [ unintelligible rock lyrics ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in an interview with rolling stone armstrong says the album as a whole was inspired by a protest he saw and eventually participated in, in new york over the death of michael brown by police officers in missouri. armstrong also said bang-bang was a response not only to mass
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shootings but narcissistic social media. >> some of the well documented situations that have happened over the last few years inspired him to come out with this protest against the current state of gun control and some of the issues plaguing the country. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. in other news, authorities in rio are upping security as the olympics continue. beginning today, those at the games can expect to see more soldiers on the streets. the move comes after a police officer was shot in the head earlier this week when he and two others got lost near one of rio's most crime-ridden areas. the suspects had been identified but are not yet in custody. more than 85,000 security forces doubled the number of london in 2012 have been deployed to the city to keep thousands of athletes in an estimated 500,000 tourists safe. another record setting night for michael phelps. he won gold in the 200-meter individual medley becoming the first swimmer to win the same
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competition in four consecutive olympic games. it's his fourth gold of the rio olympics and his 22nd gold of the career. and stanford swimmer simone manuel set a record tied with a canadian swimmer for the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle becoming the first black to win a gold in swimming. in the united states, women's gymnastics team keeps rolling. 19-year-old simone biles took home the gold in the individual all-around competition. her teammate 22-year-old took silver. biles is the fourth consecutive american woman to win the all- around title. right now, if you step outside, you might just notice a meteor shower. it's been going on all night. these meteor showers happen every year at around this time. the brightest one started last night and the shooting stars will continue to be visible until the sun rises. it's tricky science behind the perseids but since jupiter's gravity pulled a comet closer
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than usual to earth, we could see more stars this year than usual up to 500 per hour! the experts who predicted this are excited. >> the things i see in the first year, just -- here i am, i'm coming right across the sky, and they may take several seconds to get across the sky. they are much more exciting to watch for me. >> but you are not out of luck if you can't spot the meteors at this point because the stars are expected to keep flying until tomorrow. so we might still see some tonight? >> absolutely. >> a little straggler or two, maybe. >> yeah. >> all right. >> a wayward "shooting star" but we have clear skies inland so optical viewing out there. but around the coastal areas, socked in with areas of low clouds and fog. the marine layer has pushed onshore a good 50 miles. we even have some condensation this morning in the form of drizzle so right there sfo, with the gray slate, you better believe we'll have some delays at sfo on some arriving flights
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after 6 a.m. temperatures into the 50s. it's now 61 in livermore and san jose. it's the 15th "spare the air" day of the season and the second consecutive one in a row. unhealthy smoke particles in the atmosphere to the east of the bay and also the santa clara valley. if you were in any of those areas yesterday, you know what i'm talking about. it's all that smoke and haze all accumulating from the plume of smoke that continues to bluster and it's out of control in the monterey county areas, soberanes fire and because of the winds lifting from the south to the north, it's clipping the santa clara valley and also the east bay. we do have more of a northwesterly flow aloft across the city of san francisco so not as adversely affected. satellite and radar, we still have the clouds stacked up around the immediate seashore and marching inland. we have the ground fog in the central valley. meanwhile, satellite and radar does suggest that we have this area of high pressure building off the coast. we are going to have temperatures peak on saturday, go down to slightly on sunday, then increase again by the
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beginning of next week. travel weather today for this getaway friday, 92 at the state capital. 70 consistent in the high sierra. half moon bay 93. 62 in monterey bay with unhealthy levels of pollution in the atmosphere. a lot of haze there. 60s, 70s, and 80s for the most part around the bay area. inland into the 90s. 92 degrees in livermore. 94, 95 further inland towards mountains house and discovery bay. brentwood, as well. otherwise 98 degrees on saturday, so now somebody's backyard will top off at 100 degrees inland. look at the string of unseasonably warm to hot weather on monday through wednesday. meanwhile, we do have the san jose summer jazz fest kicking off today through the weekend. 84 degrees. that's a really good time. and looking ahead towards sunday, the texans come to town to santa clara to levi's
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stadium, nothing but sunshine, 82 degrees. that's a look at your friday forecast. here's roqui. >> thanks, "ro." let's take a look at mass transit. wejust spoke with them now and it's officially some equipment problems causing major delays for the pittsburg-bay point line and the dublin-pleasanton line. trains are stopped right now in daly city. san mateo bridge, across the span will take you into the peninsula about 15 minutes from 880 to 101. and then a crash earlier this morning is causing road closures on vasco road and the altamont pass is going to take 15 minutes westbound, as well. well, some of us hear the word chicken and think, fried chicken, baked chicken. but one santa barbara man thinks best friend of the that's because dion finds peace by caring for a coop. he calls it chicken therapy. >> they all have names. i still have a little bit of trouble determining who's who. >> cluckingham palace. he is a resident at mountain
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house a facility in southern california for people with depression and mental illness. last year, staff there bought a handful of chickens hoping they might bring joy to clients and for dion, they offer a sense of purpose. as a coordinator of care he feeds and cleans the coop every day. >> i think it's mainly more of a kind person. they are just so sweet. it's hard not to be -- not to treat them well. >> staff at mountain house say the animals have done wonders for several of their residents. i hear they make good pets. >> chickens? well, we'll test that theory, i suppose. 9 minutes before 5:00 on this friday morning. why this bakery in san francisco might find itself busier than usual. especially after this story. stay tuned. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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happy friday. 4:53. i'm roqui theus in the traffic center. we have major delays on bart. pittsburg-bay point and dublin- pleasanton 45-minute delays due to equipment problems. a very unsettling situation for a family in texas. they say the security camera in their kids' bedroom was hacked. apparently it could happen to anybody. they recently had that camera installed in their twin girls' room to keep an eye on them. shortly after somebody contacted them when they saw that video was being live streamed on an app called live camera viewer. anybody who had that app could apparently look at the video whenever they wanted. >> i have cameras to protect my kids and i feel like we have failed them. we didn't protect them. we put them in harm's way. >> experts say you can prevent this by changing the user's default settings.
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otherwise, everybody has the same id and password. palo alto planning commissioner is resigning because she can't afford to live there. in her resignation letter, kate downing wrote that they are moving to santa cruz because she and her husband can't afford to raise a family in palo alto. >> when the teachers and firefighters came and said we can't afford to live here, nobody listens. now that anybody is listening that attorneys can't afford to live here, i have no idea. all the normal people who make up a normal community are being priced out. is that really what we want for our future? >> the ironic part is that the part of her position was to create housing solutions. no comment from city officials. bart officials thinking about re-opening the restrooms at several underground train stations. that would be the first time since the 9/11 attacks. under a pilot program, two restaurants would be remodeled and reopened one at the 19th street station in oakland, the other at the powell station in
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san francisco. the cost would be about $400,000. in all, 10 bart restrooms have been closed since 2001 because of security concerns. the transit agency's board of supervisors plans to discuss that proposal today. it is a few minutes before 5:00 and if you need a suggestion on where to grab breakfast this morning, we have you covered. but you're going to have to wait in a really long line if you want the suggestion. a bakery in san francisco was just named the best in the country. it is called arsico in the richmond district. bon appetit magazine gave it the top honor. armando owns the place. he says he opened it because he couldn't find great croissants in the area. his secret is in the recipe. >> tell you the truth, i cheat a little bit to make things taste good, i use very good ingredients. >> this is tremendous. superior. >> if you need a recommendation on what to order, his favorite is the almond chocolate croissant. sounds good.
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>> now you know. four minutes before 5:00 on this morning. pot grows are a familiar sight in rural counties surrounding the bay area. why some residents are worried about who is being sent to monitor those fields. >> a bay area millionaire tech mogul will be in court today accused of assaulting two girlfriends in two incidents. we'll tell you hope you have jail time he could face. we'll tell you how much jail time he could face. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm brian hackney. and i'm anne makovec. kennyd michelle are off today. welcome back on this friday, august 12. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny and michelle are off. let's take a live look outside this morning. boy, it's still dark outside. it is foggy at the bay bridge and you have the city lights shining bright this morning. >> but i have seen some
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optimism there, right, brian? because that ceiling was much lower an hour ago. remember you couldn't see the bay bridge? >> it's lifted a little bit. >> a couple of you ladies crossed it this morning. >> we did. >> as soon as i did, i hit drizzle. >> was it foggy? >> foggy is not just -- is not good for the hair, by the way. >> i have my windows rolled up so i didn't feel its effect. but i was tempted to put on the windshield wipers. that's how deep and how dense that marine layer is at this hour. right now as we take a look at sfo, it's a gray slate. temperature-wise we are in the 50s and 60s. it is now 62 degrees in san jose. and we do have the 15th "spare the air" of the season. and if you are anywhere east of the bay or to the south, you know what i'm talking about. it's never a good thing when you can see the air that you breathe. temperatures today with the sliver of some hope of sunshine at the coast 50s, 60s. we are jumping all the way


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